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Three Reasons to Invest in Permanent Christmas House Lights for Toronto Homeowners

Outdoor Christmas house lights for Toronto homeowners can be a tedious task to tackle year-after-year. From hauling storage bins out of the basement, to scaling the ladder to string the lights, many homeowners are seeking safer and cost-efficient alternatives to lighting their home for the holiday seasons. Whereas conventional string lights dominated the market and store shelves for many years, outdoor Christmas lights, like LED lights, are now becoming the new standard for making a festive statement. But many consumers may not be aware of a more permanent solution to decorating their homes for the holidays. Here are three reasons to invest in permanent, outdoor LED Christmas lighting systems this upcoming holiday: 

1. Save Energy and Money
With hydro prices steadily on the rise in Ontario, Toronto homeowners are likely debating if outdoor Christmas lights are even worth switching on in the first place. Traditional incandescent bulbs are not characteristically energy-efficient; whereas LED Christmas light bulbs are low voltage and consume less energy overall. Investing in an outdoor LED lighting system will not only keep your energy bills low but is the eco-conscious choice buyers can feel proud to show-off in their neighbourhood.

2. Increase Your Home’s Value

The wow-factor of fancy Christmas lights aren’t limited to just the holiday season. Permanent outdoor Christmas lights can add real value to your home’s equity when you decide to upgrade to a bigger space or downsize for retirement. What new homeowner would not love having a professionally installed outdoor LED lighting system that is ready to go just in time for the Christmas season. Even if your new homeowners do not celebrate Christmas, these LED lights are programmable using a smartphone to display any colours to match the occasion. Worried about the lights clashing with your home’s architecture or design? Fear not. These professionally installed LED systems are virtually invisible during the daytime and won’t take away from your home’s design no matter the style or century it was built in. 

3. Put Safety First 

While outdoor Christmas lights add a magical feeling in the air, they can also cause serious injuries during installation. The icy cold weather, slippery conditions and reduced daylight can make mounting traditional outdoor Christmas lights in Toronto a dangerous task. Permanently installed fixtures like these LED Christmas lights will not only save you energy and money on your hydro bills but will keep your loved ones from ending up in the ER and putting a damper on your holiday plans. These permanent outdoor light fixtures are professionally installed, durable against harsh weather conditions and require far less maintenance to keep your home shining bright throughout the holidays.

If you are in the market for outdoor Christmas house lights in Toronto, consider investing in a high-quality, professionally installed Christmas lighting system to save on energy, add value and personality to your home, and eliminate safety concerns during installation and maintenance. Stop stressing and start adding sparkle to your home with a game-changing system that will leave your holiday visitors and neighbours alike green with envy as they catch a glimpse of your vibrant décor.